Application instructions

Elli housing is available to all full-time students of post-comprehensive educational institutions in Joensuu. Applications are accepted continuously, so you can file an application whenever you need accommodation. But note that the shared flats and family flats that become vacant in the summer will be reserved and allotted to those applicants who begin their studies in the autumn. If you apply for a single-room flat, don’t forget that they are allotted on the basis of a queuing system. In your housing application you can express your preference(s) for location and type of housing. For further information, see the descriptions of the localities.

Please note that you can apply for accommodation only after you have received the acceptance letter from your educational institute in Joensuu.

If we are unable to offer you accommodation in one of your preferred locations, we then try to offer you another vacant flat. You decide, of course, whether you want to accept it. You have the best chances of finding accommodation if you are prepared to accept any location and any type of flat. If, however, you want to apply only for a certain location or a certain type of flat and are prepared to queue for accommodation, please mention this in your application.

If you do not receive an email from us by the next working day that we have received your application, it means that the application didn't come to us. Please note that the application is valid for six months and it is the applicants responsibility to keep the application valid and renew it on time. If the application is not kept valid it will automatically expire.

Degree students

Single applicants can apply to us for a shared flat or a single-room flat only. The shared flats are mainly unfurnished units shared by 2 – 5 tenants, and they are easier to get than single-room flats. Our single-room flats are very much in demand and are therefore allotted on the basis of a queuing system. In the autumn we offer single applicants shared flats only. Priority is given to beginning students who come from far away.

Exchange students

For exchange students Elli always tries to offer furnished rooms. The furniture fee is 19 €/month. Furniture includes bed with mattress, desk, chair and wardrope. There are no pillows, blankets, sheets, curtains, towels or dishes, like cutlery, pots, pans and so on. Furnished rooms are mainly located in Latolankatu 9 and Karjamäentie 4, 10, 12.

Applicants with families

Our family flats have 2 or 3 rooms and a kitchen(ette). They are available for couples with or without children. In the queue for larger flats, families with children are given priority. To qualify for a family flat, it is enough that one in the couple is a student. Family flats are unfurnished.

How to apply

You can apply for an accommodation online. Applying online is much quicker than sending printed copy of application.

You can also send us other documents that you want to refer to, such as certificate of pregnancy, medical certificate or notice of termination. If you are underage we need to have your parents' or guardians' written consent. All the enclosures must not be more than three months old.


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