Tikkamäentie 6

House unit number 55. Building completed in 2004. 23 studios, 9 family flats and 7 shared flats. 1 4-storey building. 


The building is located on the west slope of Niinivaara, about one kilometre east of the city core. See map. 


There is a lift in the building. 


There are 16 parking spaces in the courtyard, and in the Pengerkatu car park (about 200 metres away) there are 9 spaces reserved for the tenants of Tikkamäentie 6; See reserving a parking space. The spaces in the courtyard are equipped with electric plug sockets for heating, and their instructions for use are in the link above.


For each flat there is a storage for storing movable goods in the basement, where the common storage place for outdoor recreation equipment is also. 

Air-raid shelters:

The air-raid shelter is in the basement; see the rescue plan (in Finnish pdf-format).

The sauna:

There is one sauna in the building; see booking a sauna


The laundry room is in the basement; see booking a laundry time. The instructions for the booking and use of the laundry room are in the link above. 


The internet connections of the building have been implemented by means of the Ethernet solution. See Ellinet connection

TV and radio:

The buildings are connected to a cable television network (Elisa). 

Waste disposal:

There is a waste collection shed in the courtyard; you are expected to sort your mixed waste, organic waste, and paper and cardboard waste


Housing type Family flat
Area 56.0 - 77.0 m2
Rent 633.56 - 712.60 Eur/mo
Housing type Shared flat
Area 26.7 - 28.5 m2
Rent 298.87 - 327.28 Eur/mo
Housing type Studio
Area 28.0 - 35.0 m2
Rent 414.96 - 453.25 Eur/mo

Please note that in shared flats, the area size includes the room and a part of the common areas.