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Accommodation offer

When we have decided to allot you a flat, we will send you an accommodation offer with instructions for receiving the flat. The acceptation of the offer is considered as a signature and is leagally binding. Please notice that the lease has one calendar month's notice time!

The lease

The contract is valid until further notice. For exchange students the lease is fixed term lease with the estimated conclusion of the tenant's studies put down as the termination date. The lease can be extended later if the tenant’s studies take longer than estimated. For a family flat, both partners must sign the lease. An underage tenant’s lease must be co-signed by a parent or guardian.

By accepting the lease, the new tenant also agrees to comply with the Law on Leases, the terms of the lease, and other company regulations pertaining to tenancy. It is a good idea, then, to read them through carefully once more before signing. The lease is made for a specific flat or room only, and only the person named in the contract is entitled to occupy it.


Confirm and accept the housing offer


Before signing the housing contract please download and read

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