Preparing for power cuts

Short regional power outages are expected this coming winter due to possible nationwide power shortages.

  • The lighting, heating and ventilation will be cut off during a power outage. The indoor air in the apartment may seem stale, but it is worth keeping the doors and windows closed to prevent heat loss. You should be prepared to secure lighting in advance, for example. having a flashlight. The use of candles should be avoided due to the risk of fire.
  • During the outage, water must not be used at all.
  • Cooking becomes momentarily more difficult because the oven, stove and microwave are out of use. It is also advisable to keep the doors of the refrigerator and freezer closed during the cut. A two-hour power outage won't ruin the items when the refrigerators stay cold. 
  • Turn off the lights and electrical appliances after the start of the power outage, or in case of a known power outage in advance turn off the power to the stove, oven, iron, coffee maker, washing machines and sauna, which can cause a fire hazard when the electricity suddenly returns. It is advisable to leave one of the lights on to signal the return of electricity. Also note that when the electricity returns, the water from the taps can be burning hot.
  • During a power outage, the computer, radio and TV that relies on electric power are also unavailable. The mobile phone traffic should work, but there may be interruptions in connections.
  • If the locking system of your apartment works electrically, you will always be able to use the key manually.
  • The lighting of the common areas and the yard area is cut off during a power outage, in which case special attention should be paid to careful steps in the dark corridors.
  • The lifts must not be used during a power outage, but if you get stuck in the elevator when the power suddenly goes out, you can call the maintenance on call or the elevator's fault number.
  • The equipment in the laundry and drying rooms will also be out of use during the break. If your laundry is in the washing machine at the time of the power outage, leave the laundry in the machine and check if the washing program is working normally after the outage.
  • The saunas do not heat up during the break.
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Preparing for power cuts »

Short regional power outages are expected this coming winter due to possible nationwide power shortages.