Information for tenants

Paying the rent

Upon signing the lease, you will get a bank giro form, with your personal reference number, for paying the rent. Please use the reference number every time you pay the rent from a Finnish bank account. If you don't have a Finnish bank account, you can pay rent from your home country's bank account.

The due date for the rent and other payments is the third day of the month. For collection of delayed rent, you will be charged a minimum fee of 5 euro per collection letter. Should you notice an error in the bank giro form, please contact our office immediately. In other matters concerning the payment of rent, you can always contact our rent secretaries.

The sauna

The tenants are entitled to free saunas during the common sauna hours. These times you can find from our website. The common sauna hours are usually held on Wednesdays. You can also book a private sauna hour for 8€/month at our office or online. The booked sauna hours always start at the beginning of the month following the booking. For technical reasons, private sauna hour must be booked a week before the end of the month. The private sauna hours are payable monthly with the rent. Every sauna user is responsible for clean and appropriate use of the facility.


You can leave a reservation request for sauna session

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All our locations have parking spaces equipped with car-heating plug sockets. These can be rented at our office or online. The tenants are allowed to park only in the space they are renting. Driving and parking on the courtyard passages is forbidden because they function as rescue access roads. The rent for the parking space is to be paid monthly with the rent for the flat. The shortest rental period is one calendar month. Please note that the courtyard areas are under municipal parking control, so that you are liable to get a parking ticket if you park your vehicle illegally. Always keep the electric plug socket’s cover plate locked and never leave the heating cable hanging loose when it is not in use.


You can leave a reservation request for a parking space.

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Most Elli flats have a fixed internet connection, the ElliNet. The Internet connection is not included to the rent so you need to subscribe it.

There are four different connection solutions in use: Ethernet, WLAN, ADSL and VDSL2. To use the internet, you need to obtain a suitable adapter. VDSL2-connection, which is currently (since 29.5.2019) in use only in Louhelankatu 10, requires a modem that supports VDSL2-connection. It is also possible to use ADSL2+ but theoretical speed will remain only at 24/1 Mb/s.

The connection solutions used in the various locations are listed on the web pages.

The fee for the internet service is 20€/month. You can subscribe the Internet on our website or by visiting the office. The Internet connection has a one calendar month’s notice. This means that if the tenant finishes the contract for example in October the contract is valid till the end of November and the tenant needs to pay the fee also for November.



The fee for the internet service is 20€/month.

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Please contact our ElliNet helpdesk, tel. +358 13 339 0900 or email:

Other fees

If you have a room furnished by Elli, containing a desk, chair, ceiling lamp, wardrobe, mattress and bed, you will be charged a furniture fee (19€/month).


Every housing unit has a laundry room that the tenants can use free of charge between 7 am and 9 pm daily. To reserve a laundry time, there is either a list in the laundry room or a lockboard. If you notice a defect in the laundry equipment, please report it to maintenance or our office.

Kimpikuja 3, Kiulutie 2, Leilitie 1 and Kalevankatu 26b residents can book the laundry room by using an electrical booking board.

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In nearly all locations there are storages for each flat. The storage has the same number as the flat, and its lock opens with the same key. The tenants of a shared flat share a storage. Always remember to lock the storage door. Joensuun Elli is not responsible for goods stored in the storages.

Store your outdoor recreation equipment and your bicycle in the designated places, which include indoor and outdoor storage rooms, bicycle storages, open shelters and bicycle stands. By using the right storage places you help out with the cleaning. Store your baby carriage in the designated place or in your flat. For everyone’s personal safety in case of fire, baby carriages, outdoor recreation equipment and bicycles must not be stored in emergency exits nor corridors of attics, basements or storage rooms.

Occupancy regulations

Living in the same location, and particularly in the same flat, with other tenants is an endeavour that calls for shared rules and tolerance. In Elli housing we follow the general law on public order and Elli’s rules and regulations, which we give you when you sign the lease. Please familiarize yourself with them carefully.

The rules for living in a shared flat are best formulated jointly. Everyone living in a shared flat is equally responsible for it. If one tenant neglects their duties, that does not give you the right to do the same. The cleaning of the common premises (the kitchen, hall, and toilet/bathroom) is a joint responsibility. It is also essential for everyone to respect the personal property of others. Pets and smoking are not allowed in shared flats.

If you feel that your peace is being disturbed, you can submit a disturbance notice to Joensuun Elli in two ways: Send us an email that provides us a good picture of the situation as whole. Our email is You can also come to visit our office and fill a paper form here.

If you so request, your identity will not be made known to the person causing the disturbance. We will deal with your disturbance notice and ask the person(s) causing the disturbance to respond to it. If you are the alleged offender requested to respond, it is worth your while to do so, so that both parties are heard. If the situation continues, we will proceed according to the law on the leasing of housing.

In an acute situation, it is best to call the police to calm the situation down and then write a notice to Elli office.


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