Notice of termination/moving out

Termination of the lease

If the tenant gives a notice of termination, the period of notice is one calendar month. The tenancy terminates on the last day of the month following the month of the notice. For example, if the tenant gives the notice in the month of May (i.e. between the 1st and the 31st of May), the tenancy will terminate on 30th of June. You can finish the contract online or at Joensuun Elli office. The notice for a family flat must be signed by both spouses.

At the same time you give the notice for your flat, you must also give a notice for your parking space, your sauna booking, and your internet connection contract. And don’t forget to file a notification of move in a local register office.

Termination of the lease

Make a notice of termination »

You can also finish the lease at Elli's office

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Vacating the flat and returning the keys

The flat and the common premises must be vacated and cleaned and the keys returned on the termination day at the latest or, if the termination day is a Saturday, Sunday, or official holiday, on the working day before it. Please clean your room and the common premises carefully; for advice, consult the cleaning instructions. Don’t forget to remove your possessions out of your own storage and the outdoor storage room. Lock the doors when you leave and return all the flat keys and the parking space keys to our office. If you do not return all the keys, the locks of the flat will be changed at your expense.

Moving out cleaning

When you move out you need to clean your room/flat and the common areas of a shared flat. In shared apartment tenants are together responsible for condition, furniture and appliances of shared areas of the apartment.


Cleaning instructions:

  • wipe floors, walls and doors with a damp cloth
  • wipe ventilation pipe's valves
  • wipe cupboards and drawers
  • clean toilet and bathroom, clean also floor drain
  • clean oven, stove and cooker hood's filter
  • wipe also the floor under the stove and the wall behind the stove
  • take away all your belongings and garbage, also from storage and balcony
  • wash windows
  • clean refrigerator
  • in family flats and studios: defrost freezer


Also remember to check, that

  • all the lights are working
  • socket's covers and all electrical or other equipment needed for hanging lamps must be left at their place when you move out


If Joensuun Elli needs to take away things or otherwise clean room/apartment it will be done at tenant's expense

The vacating inspection

When you move out, the maintenance will make a vacating inspection in your flat when his timetable permits. If you want to be present in the vacating inspection, you can appoint an inspection time by contacting our customer service or maintenance. We suggest you do this well ahead of time.

Returning the deposit

The deposit collected at the beginning of the tenancy will be returned to the leaving tenant’s bank account one month after the lease has finished. The preconditions of the returning are that the flat is in proper condition, the rent and other fees have been paid, and the keys have been returned to our office.