Fill in the notice to quit

Notice time is one calendar month. You will receive a confirmation for the termination of the lease to your chosen e-mail after we have processed it (the next working day the latest). Save the confirmation of the termination as proof. If you do not receive a confirmation, your notice to quit has not come through. The tenant is responsible of ensuring the delivery of the notice to quit.

If you have booked a parking space, private sauna session, and/or Ellinet internet connection, they will also be terminated with this same notice.

Tenancy termination

The housing type of the terminated apartment is: *
A room from a shared flat
Studio flat
Family flat
Family flat (no spouse)

Housing unit: *

Street address: *

Apartment number: *

The date of the termination of tenancy: *

I have booked the following:
Parking place
Private sauna session
Ellinet internet connection

Contact information

Name: *

E-mail address: *

Finnish phone number:

Bank account information for the returning of the deposit:

(This information is needed only if you have paid the deposit.)

Bank account number = IBAN (without spaces):

Bank code = SWIFT:

Full name of your bank:

Address of your bank:

The owner of the bank account: (if other than the tenant's)

New address

Street address:

Postal code and city/town:

Additional information

Feedback, notes for the maintenance etc.:

I allow my contact information to be given to the next tenant in the case that they want to see the apartment beforehand. 

I have read the moving out cleaning instructions


You can also terminate
your lease at the Joensuun Elli office.

Opiskelija-asunnot Oy Joensuun Elli
Merimiehenkatu 30, 80100 Joensuu

Tel. (013) 337 7800
e-mail: kodit(at)

Office is open:
Monday 9 - 17
Tuesday-Thursday   9 - 16
Friday 9 - 15